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"Empowered to serve."

Kamilah Burrow, aka Milah Maheiha, is founder and CEO of Maheiha, LLC (dba MpowerED CPA Services). Born and raised in College Park, Georgia, she was groomed to serve. Both of her parents, who led by example, instilled the value and principle of giving back and has since been a significant part of her life. This ethic led to the birth of One Talent, Inc., a 501c3 youth development and mentoring program co-founded by Milah and her mother, Jo Ann, in April 2007. For over 12 years, they have greatly impacted the lives of hundreds of girls by teaching life skills, self-esteem and confidence building skills, health and fitness, and Milah’s personal favorites - financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Milah graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tuskegee University, and earned her Master's in Professional Accountancy from Georgia State University.


After several years of working in the corporate arena, she followed her dream of becoming a business owner and launched her private practice which provides tax, accounting, bookkeeping, nonprofit and business formation services to small business owners in various industries. Prior to this, she served as an auditor with a midsize public accounting firm, then transitioned into corporate accounting. 


A gifted and talented singer, songwriter, and acoustic musician, Milah penned nearly 200 songs, 3 children’s books, and a romance/drama theatrical play inspired by a true story of her battle with depression and anxiety. A proponent of racial equality, Milah has initiated movements to eradicate laws and policies which foster discriminatory practices adversely impacting people of color in the workplace, and underserved minority youth in the community.  As a result of witnessing these unfair practices, she is committed to advocating for those afraid to speak out and believes she has been empowered to serve the youth and her clients by providing the financial tools to be successful.

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